USA: Black families set to build “safe sanctuary” town in Georgia

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Nineteen black families set out to camp near Toomsboro, Georgia, where they bought 96.71 acres of land, intending to build their own town, envisioned as a safe sanctuary for black people.

The gathering, filmed on Saturday, was marked by a press conference of the Freedom Georgia Initiative, the group behind the project.

According to the leaders of the initiative, they intend to build affordable housing, their own banks, hospitals, schools, while maintaining sustainability through agriculture, and a so-called Black Wall Street.

One of the participants, Marissa Brown, said: “It’s been a beautiful experience — black love, black upliftment. And I never seen anything like this in Chicago. We don’t really camp in Chicago, least of all having big black campouts, so we had to see what this was about. And it was more than worth the drive.”

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